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I've been told that I have a fascination for the awkward. 
The first shorts I directed highlighted characters who were far from your classic hero. These protagonists dealt with funny conflicts as they failed to fit in.
As I got older, I realized that although I love the humor of discomfort, many of my experiences of isolation and exclusion come from a history of sexism, racism, and classism. For my thesis film, The Harvard Bubble, I described the uncomfortable and difficult experience of being a poor, Black, queer woman at one of the most elite universities in the world. 
After sharing my thesis online, students from around the country said that the film expressed the pain they'd been feeling as marginalized students. My project resonated with people because they felt it was the first time they saw their experience on screen. The film was later showcased by the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts as a part of their 2020 fall season. 


I tell stories that highlight uncomfortable, painful moments so that people can have the opportunity to heal from them. As an artist, I use and share images to remind people that they are not alone. I would consider my ~voice~ to fall somewhere between profoundly thought-provoking and delightfully stupid (Stupifound? lol), and I hope that my films are able to give you clarity, joy, and ultimately, peace.
Since graduating in 2020, I have collaborated with Asia Stewart, a performance artist, to document the Graft series. The series explored how subjects modify and manipulate their bodies to straddle (ab)normality, and it was recently a part of Whitney White’s DEFINITION, an installation project sponsored by The Bushwick Starr.


If you want, no pressure