Jasi Elle

Filmmaker . Director . Etc.

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I'm Jasi Lampkin, AKA Jasi Elle, and as a filmmaker, I intend to create works that my audiences are able to gather around, whether they gather for the characters, the stories, the emotions, or the humor. Art is a non-individual practice; to me, my art doesn't work unless there are people around to share and experience it with.

In my own journey as an artist, I’ve come to realize that my best work could not have been created in a vacuum. It is thanks to the parents who read my drafts, the friends who scrutinized my rough cuts, and the professors who offered critiques that I’ve been able to become an effective filmmaker. Because of my own experience, I have come to believe that discussion is an integral part of any filmmaking, as it allows for an idea that starts in someone’s head to become something that lives, breathes, and grows in the real world.

I would consider my ~voice~ to fall somewhere between profoundly thought-provoking and delightfully stupid (coined as Stupifound), and I hope that my films are able to give you clarity, joy, and entertainment.

If you want, no pressure